How The IoT and Amazon are Making Life Easier

Out of all of the emerging media coming our way, I think my favorite, and the most intriguing, is all of the technology that makes/ will make up the Internet of Things (IoT). After learning about the IoT there is not doubt that it will change the way we live our lives and how we work. While these types of technology are just now appearing, in the next four years, Gartner has predicted that more than 26 billion devices will be connected.

When searching for information about Amazon, I came across a link titled “Amazon Dash.” Being that I had never heard of this before, I followed the link. When I learned what Amazon Dash was I was completely amazed and immediately thought about everything I have learned about the IoT and realized that the things I once considered “futuristic” are now HERE! So for those of you who haven’t heard of Amazon Dash, prepare to be “wowed.”dash_button_cp_3_images_new_buttons

(Amazon Dash, 2016).

For those who did not know, grocery shopping is currently the largest industry for m-commerce. A number of people now complete their grocery shopping online through grocery store sites, or through the ultimate Internet store, Amazon. As we all know, grocery items are items that are often a repeat purchase once one runs out. When Amazon noticed these repeat purchases, they introduced the Amazon Dash Button. The Amazon Dash Button allows Amazon shoppers to re-order their items by simply pressing their product specific Dash Button. The button is connected through Wi-Fi and works through the Amazon app on a smartphone. Thus when you realize that you are running low on dog food, laundry detergent, diapers or toilet paper, all you have to do is push the Dash Button.


(Smith, 2015).

This quick option takes away from consumers having to take the time to sit down, log into their account and place a new order. The Dash Button is $4.99, but no worries, after the first press consumers receive a $4.99 credit toward their re-order. Currently, Amazon Dash is only available to Amazon Prime members, but as the IoT becomes more popular there may be a chance that it will be available to all Amazon members.


(Amazon Dash, 2016).

While this technology seems as if it would take off very fast, the numbers and the usage of the buttons have not been too crazy. “Fewer than half of people who bought a Dash button since March 2015 have used it to place an actual order, estimates Slice Intelligence, which conducts market research based on emailed consumer receipts. Those consumers who do order make a purchase roughly once every two months” (Terlep, 2016). While the IoT is ready for the world, this can make one ponder if the world is ready for the IoT.


Smith, D. (2015, February 23). More people use mobile devices to buy groceries than any other retail category. [Image]. Retrieved September 18, 2016, from

Terlep, S. (2016, June 26). Amazon to Add Dozens of Brands to Dash Buttons, but Do Shoppers Want Them? Retrieved September 22, 2016, from



4 thoughts on “How The IoT and Amazon are Making Life Easier

  1. Hi Olivia – I think the Amazon Dash buttons are a great concept and am a little surprised that they haven’t caught on better. Interestingly enough, I came across an article today about Amazon Echo and that people who have the Echo are actually purchasing more from Amazon – 10% more than they did before having the Echo. Maybe it’s the simplicity of one device using voice command versus multiple product specific buttons that is making this option more appealing? You can check out the full article here:


    1. Hi!

      You make a very good point! I think people enjoy being able to use their voice to get things done. I think it’s helpful that they can say something while they are thinking it, instead of thinking “Oh man, gotta go press that button.”



  2. Hello,

    Amazon is an amazing company and the fact that they have developed the dash button does not surprise me. Amazon distributes nearly everything online, so it is only natural that they expand selling groceries to hungry customers.

    Even though having many grocery items sent to your door is convenient and new to most, Wal Mart also allows customers to order groceries from their store and have them hand delivered to their vehicle when they drive to the store (Kim, 2015). Some customers are willing to pay for the extra convenience of having items delivered to them, while others are not. In addition, even though customers have access to this convenient method of shopping, many will either forget to use it or will simply run to the store to grab something quickly because they do not want to wait for something to ship in.

    Do you ever have your groceries shipped from Amazon? Have you ever tried Wal Mart’s on site pickup?

    Thanks for sharing,



    1. Hi Kyle!

      I currently order my dogs food from Amazon because the store where it is available is out of the way and I only stop there if I am passing by. I did not know that WalMart did this! It would be perfect for those who like to leave the house to get out, but they don’t have to step foot into the store, which is wonderful considering WalMart can be crazy at times!

      I may have to try this in the future. I wonder if this takes away from sales? For example, when in WalMart, I often pass but items that I may not have on my list, and decide to purchase it.

      Thanks for sharing!


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